Hound of the Baskervilles Book Cover

Final cover for The Hound of the Baskervilles

The third project for my Graphic Design (AR2301) class at WPI was to design a book cover for an existing book that we had read. Since we had been studying typography, the assignment included the restriction that we weren’t able to just illustrate the cover; the typography had to be the focus. We all started the assignment with a “field trip” to the WPI Library where the class and the professor inspected… Continue reading »

Blood Drive Poster

Blood Drive Poster

The second project for my Graphic Design (AR2301) class at WPI was to design a poster. We could select the topic and since I’m involved with a Blood Drive at a local SF/F convention, I choose that. To get inspiration, I searched the web for other blood drive imagery; I’ve included some of the images I found below. I had originally thought to do some variant on the “It takes all kinds”… Continue reading »

Vulpes & Vulpes Logo

One of the logos for Vulpes & Vuples

For the first full project of my Graphic Design course at WPI (AR2301), we had to create two logos for a fictional company of our creation. We then had to produce app icons using elements of the logo(s) and a splash screen for a mobile app. As it happens, my partner and I had invented a fictional boutique publishing company called Vulpes & Vulpes that was supposedly run by two red foxes … Continue reading »

Tom’s Toys Logo

Tom's Toys Logo in two sizes

The second assignment in my Graphic Design class at WPI (AR2301) was to create a logo for a fictional business that a “friend” wanted to start. I’m presenting this as a case study since I have everything from the design brief to sketches to the final design. The assignment/brief given was: Peter has started a toy company. He is proud of the fact that all of his company‚Äôs products are made of 100%… Continue reading »

Walking in Arlington flyer

Walking in Arlington flyer

A local community group, Walking in Arlington requested a flyer for their upcoming historical walk. The walk is co-sponsored by a local historical Mill so I added both logos to the flyer. I used a slightly distressed font since the walk features historical buildings. I also put a low-opacity map background featuring the main street involved (Broadway). The form below the… Continue reading »