CoronaCard Multi-restaurant Gift Card

CoronaCard Landing Page Mockup

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a lot of stress on restaurants. My partner and I wanted to support the local eateries but didn’t want to go buy gift-cards for all of them. While we had been told of a multi-business gift certificate program run by the local Chamber of Commerce, it doesn’t give money to the businesses until the certificate is used. We wanted to get money into the restaurants nowContinue reading »

Adobe XD Boston Creative Jam 2018

Wayback app intro screen

Adobe runs an event called Creative Jam mostly as a way to advertise and encourage the use of their design and prototyping tool, Adobe XD. The Jam consists of speakers and a competition; while the competitors are working, the speakers are entertaining/presenting to the attendees. The competition is between 2-person teams of designers; the teams are given a theme and… Continue reading »

Hound of the Baskervilles Book Cover

Final cover for The Hound of the Baskervilles

The third project for my Graphic Design (AR2301) class at WPI was to design a book cover for an existing book that we had read. Since we had been studying typography, the assignment included the restriction that we weren’t able to just illustrate the cover; the typography had to be the focus. We all started the assignment with a “field trip” to the WPI Library where the class and the professor inspected… Continue reading »

Blood Drive Poster

Blood Drive Poster

The second project for my Graphic Design (AR2301) class at WPI was to design a poster. We could select the topic and since I’m involved with a Blood Drive at a local SF/F convention, I choose that. To get inspiration, I searched the web for other blood drive imagery; I’ve included some of the images I found below. I had originally thought to do some variant on the “It takes all kinds”… Continue reading »

Vulpes & Vulpes Logo

One of the logos for Vulpes & Vuples

For the first full project of my Graphic Design course at WPI (AR2301), we had to create two logos for a fictional company of our creation. We then had to produce app icons using elements of the logo(s) and a splash screen for a mobile app. As it happens, my partner and I had invented a fictional boutique publishing company called Vulpes & Vulpes that was supposedly run by two red foxes … Continue reading »