Blood Drive Poster

Blood Drive Poster

The second project for my Graphic Design (AR2301) class at WPI was to design a poster. We could select the topic and since I’m involved with a Blood Drive at a local SF/F convention, I choose that. To get inspiration, I searched the web for other blood drive imagery; I’ve included some of the images I found below. I had originally thought to do some variant on the “It takes all kinds”… Continue reading »

Vulpes & Vulpes Logo

One of the logos for Vulpes & Vuples

For the first full project of my Graphic Design course at WPI (AR2301), we had to create two logos for a fictional company of our creation. We then had to produce app icons using elements of the logo(s) and a splash screen for a mobile app. As it happens, my partner and I had invented a fictional boutique publishing company called Vulpes & Vulpes that was supposedly run by two red foxes … Continue reading »

Tom’s Toys Logo

Tom's Toys Logo in two sizes

The second assignment in my Graphic Design class at WPI (AR2301) was to create a logo for a fictional business that a “friend” wanted to start. I’m presenting this as a case study since I have everything from the design brief to sketches to the final design. The assignment/brief given was: Peter has started a toy company. He is proud of the fact that all of his company‚Äôs products are made of 100%… Continue reading »

WPI Sufficiency Project

The Market Like a Boss page

The Sufficiency is one of the four project requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). As part of the Humanities program, each student specializes in one area within their Humanities minor; I chose Ethics within the general study of Philosophy. For my Sufficiency project, I designed and built a proof-of-concept site to illustrate ethical and unethical textual messages of… Continue reading »

Tier 3 templated ads

Leaderboard and medium format ad with logo

Like most sites, CarGurus runs external advertising on some pages of the site. In an effort to increase their product offerings, they decided to run their own advertising; these ads would be sold to dealers who were already paying customers. The ads would be templated in that the dealer supplied certain bits of content (mostly the callout but eventually the logo, as well) and we filled in the rest of the parts of… Continue reading »