Walking in Arlington flyer

Walking in Arlington flyer
Walking in Arlington walk flyer
  • Headline: #473838
  • Body text: #000000
  • Thirsty Rough
  • Helvetica Neue

A local community group, Walking in Arlington requested a flyer for their upcoming historical walk. The walk is co-sponsored by a local historical Mill so I added both logos to the flyer. I used a slightly distressed font since the walk features historical buildings. I also put a low-opacity map background featuring the main street involved (Broadway). The form below the main body was extended to allow multiple people to register at once.

An alternate design has a map section featuring Broadway with various pins on and off the road right below the logos. The body text would have a plain white background. This design never got made so no screenshots.

The group printed 100 flyers and ended up giving them all away at a town event.

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