Total Yard

The Total Yard one-page site
The Total Yard one-page website
  • Logo: #1f9947
  • Tag line: #1f9947
  • Text: Black
  • Background: #bbf2cd
  • Alfa Slab
  • Calligraffiti
  • Arial
  • Curlz MT (image)

This site was done for a local landscaping business and was based on their spring flyer. As a result of the hosting, I was limited in which fonts were available; I wasn’t able to match those on the flyer, especially for the company name (Bradley Hand ITC), so I used Alfa Slab instead. To match the Curlz MT font (used for “Spring has Sprung”), I resorted to image substitution. The color and font changes in the middle section were taken directly from the flyer, other than the company name.

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